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We provide services covering:

Real estate valuation: We specialize in:

  • valuation of companies;
  • real estate valuation for the purposes of establishing investment value (for developers);
  • fixed asset valuation for the purposes of financial statements;
  • valuation of mechanical equipment;
  • valuation of luxury properties (luxury apartments and mansions);
  • valuation of historic buildings;
  • valuation of green, passive houses and energy-efficient houses;
  • valuation for banks (flats, buildings plots and houses).


Assistance in obtaining financial means (including bank loans) to purchase real estate.

Real estate brokerage: we specialize in servicing developer companies in the scope of obtaining land in the whole of Poland.

Real estate consultancy: mainly in the field of managing developer projects and creating land banks and a real estate portfolio.

Comprehensive services for buyers developed property / condition, reasonable price, the cost of necessary repairs, what to choose.

We service

  • individual customers
  • business customers (developers, audit companies and others)

We are trustworthy.

  • We have been active on the real estate market for 21 years.
  • To date, we have co-operated with over 300 companies.
  • We have the record of more than 1,000 conducted appraisal studies.
  • We boast 800 satisfied customers.
  • We provide comprehensive service and hold all real estate licences.


Should you want to know why WE ARE EXPERTS, check our licences and qualifications.